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Moonstone Art Studio

953 Namquid Dr, Warwick, Rhode Island, 02888

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MoonStone Art Studio's teaching philosophy for both adults and children is that everyone has artistic talent and we are here to help individuals discover what his or her artistic strengths and preferences are. The process and enjoyment of making art is emphasized over a 'perfect' finished piece. Our students are encouraged to recognize and understand how to enjoy the very basic sensory principles of making art and also learn that experimentation with media and technique is how successful art is created. Seeing students' confidence grow with each finished piece is so rewarding! The Healing Arts are a large component of what is offered here at MoonStone. Local providers and teachers bring different healing experiences and classes to the community, focusing on discovering how powerful we are as human beings: how healing arts combined with visual arts can be very efficient in helping us make stronger and healthier mind-body connections to cope with anxiety, frustration, and stress. Yoga, guided mediation, sound healing, writing workshops, etc... are periodically offered at Moonstone for all ages and can be found on the studio's Facebook page under Events. Private classes, events, and meetings can always be scheduled, as well

953 Namquid Dr, Warwick, Rhode Island, 02888



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