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Lake Wapogasset Lutheran Bible Camp

738 Hickory Point Lane, Amery, Wisconsin, 54001

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OUR STORY In today’s world, deep experiences of adventure, community, and faith are hard to find. The world around us is moving faster than ever; more digital, more isolated, with more of life happening inside four walls. Yet as humans, we crave something higher, something wider, something deeper. We crave the opportunity to explore, to connect, and to find joy. We crave experiences that can help us grow into our true selves, the people we are meant to be. Rooted in the love of Christ, the three sites of Lake Wapogasset Lutheran Bible Camp, Inc. (LWLBC) are an invitation to go deeper—to experience high adventure, wide community, and deep faith moments that will transform how you see the world and yourself. Time spent with us is transformative as you encounter the love of Jesus Christ in shared adventures, community fellowship, and deep exploration of your faith.

738 Hickory Point Lane, Amery, Wisconsin, 54001



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