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Kidcasso Art Studio

101 Albion Street, Wakefield, Massachusetts, 01880

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We believe that the creative process comes from within, but is truly fostered in a setting that encourages growth, change, and self-discovery. We believe that creativity is a result of the exploration of human senses and emotion. For instance, when an artist creates art they try to search for a deeper meaning behind the “why”. To help foster learning, reflection and the creative process in our students, Kidcasso allows for constant change and the reformation of ideas. We provide our students with meaningful educational experiences that will propel them as artists. ​ The learning environment that Kidcasso provides for its students – of all levels – is one that is engaging and thought provoking. By surrounding budding artists with an enlightening environment, Kidcasso not only empowers their creativity but also builds upon their strengths and brings strength to their weaknesses. Kidcasso provides structure but the program is simultaneously supportive, free and independent. ​ We feel that it is essential for art students to make a strong connection between themselves and their art and to understand how it can greatly affect the wider population. It is our hope to instill in students a strong sense of respect and tolerance for others. A sense of studio ownership, teamwork.

101 Albion Street, Wakefield, Massachusetts, 01880



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