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Jameson Ranch Camp

5760 Highway 155, Glennville, California, 93226

At JRC, we're all about sprinkling a little magic into childhood by fostering a playground of togetherness. We're a place where every child shines, learns to leap into new adventures, and embraces the thrill of new challenges—all within the cozy nest of our self-sustaining community. Our team is a shining example of honesty, self-respect, and kindness towards others. We're big fans of doing things for ourselves. Our daily rhythm dances to the tune of the sunrise and sunset, and we relish in crafting memorable moments. From growing our veggies to looking after our farm buddies, to playing and building bonds—we're nurturing a caring family where everyone counts. It's a place where kids feel the pride of contributing to our community with every log they stack for our outdoor oven, knowing it means warm, fresh bread at dinner. In a world buzzing with technology, we're holding onto the rare treasures of outdoor slumbers, collecting eggs, and tossing hay to our calves. At JRC, this wholesome, down-to-earth way of life is our cherished tradition, passed down with love from one generation to the next.

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