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It's All About Etiquette

12483 E LAUREL LN, SCOTTSDALE, Arizona, 85259



As much as you try teaching manners and proper etiquette at home, sometimes children just need to listen and learn from another adult. SueAnn Brown, a certified etiquette instructor and owner of It’s All About Etiquette, offers the following Online and In Person courses... • Summer Etiquette Camps in June and July • E for Etiquette ages 6-8 • Etiquette for Young Ladies and Young Men ages 9-12 • Essential Etiquette for Teens ages 13- 18. Students will learn the following: Proper dining skills, proper eye contact, shaking hands, phone etiquette, proper introductions, how to write thank-you notes, the importance of having good hygiene, and many more valuable life lessons. Your child will be amazed at how much FUN learning about manners and proper etiquette can be!

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