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Hooks For Heroes

184 Granada St 1 Fl, Atlantic Beach, New York, 11509

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Hooks for Heroes is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Charity, incorporated in the State of New York, focused on giving back to American Veterans & First Responders. Founded by a US Marine Veteran, former NYPD Police Officer, and current FDNY firefighter, we have seen first hand, the distress and potential hardships that these occupations may bring upon an individual. We are avid fisherman and love being on the water. We use fishing as a release and want to share this with other Veterans & First Responders. Hooks For Heroes sends American Heroes fishing on their local fishing charter boats, to help cope with the physical and mental injuries they receive during their service. This offers our nation’s Veterans and First Responders a day off and a chance to catch “The Big One”. We provide the Heroes with snacks, soda & water on the boats, and when applicable we will also provide transportation to and from the boat dock. As you know, Too many of our Veterans suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) . A study conducted by the VA revealed that on average, 22 Veterans commit suice daily. That number is unacceptable. We want to reduce that number and prevent any more tragedies from happening. While suicide is the ultimate price to pay succumbing to PTSD, those numbers do not reflect on the number of Veterans suffering from PTSD and abusing drugs/alcohol, battle depression, and many other unhealthy conditions

184 Granada St 1 Fl, Atlantic Beach, New York, 11509


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