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Crow's Feet Commons

875 Nw Brooks St, Bend, Oregon, 97701

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Crow's Feet: plural, noun: A branching wrinkle at the outer corner of a person's eye caused by facial expressions. Often formed by laughing, smiling or squinting from the sun. From an owners perspective, David Marchi has always sought wisdom and inspiration from his mentors, all whom proudly show their Crow's Feet. To him, it’s a symbolic marking given to people who have lived a full life outdoors, seeking adventure. When he moved to Bend in 2009, the city was going through a rough patch. Downtown Bend was desolate, the town depressed and community sparse; especially in the outdoor adventure demographic. There was no collective place for people to share outdoor beta, or a core backcountry shop to get quality gear, service and knowledge. Marchi turned his attention to building community and help revitalize both downtown and grow his backcountry tribe. Through creativity, perseverance and collaboration, Crow's Feet Commons (the original business name)incorporated Coffee, Beer, Music, and Outdoor adventure, helping create a space for the community to come together, and provided the much needed launchpad for investment to establish a much cleaner downtown Bend. In November of 2019, Crow’s Feet evolved, moving from downtown Bend to Northwest Crossing, becoming the closest shop to the trails and mountains, and also adding the Mountain Collective tag. “We feel confident that we offer both products and service of the highest quality and latest technology”, says owner David Marchi. “Our staff has a deep history in both the ski and bike industry. “We have climbed the highest peaks, skied the wildest lines and ridden to the outer realms of the backcountry”, says Marchi. Crow’s Feet: A Mountain Collective is an equipment sales/service/information hub, selling the best products available for both your backcountry ski and cycling excursions. At CROW'S FEET, we make it our mission to look beyond conventional thought and practice, to bring quality and innovation together in a space that welcomes all people. We are inspired by the artists, bike makers, ski builders, crafts(wo)men, whose work manifests in the form of delicious beauty… and we seek to share that inspiration through unrelenting stoke, coffee, beer, bikes, skis and snowboards.

875 Nw Brooks St, Bend, Oregon, 97701



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