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4 New King Street, White Plains, New York, 10604

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CHILD DEVELOPMENT Positive child development is the critical result of our efforts. We also promote positive growth among the adult members of our camp and home office communities. EXCELLENCE DRIVES SUCCESS Every member of the CampGroup family is expected to strive for excellence in every facet of his or her professional endeavors. BUILDING COMMUNITY The formation of strong, positive, close knit communities is an important element of our camps’ identities and the CampGroup culture. CampGroup camps develop their own unique identities. The personal development people experience at our camps enables them to be more positive members of their communities - virtual, camp, school, neighborhood, global etc. LEADERSHIP We are leading providers of the best possible camp experiences. Our camps provide examples of excellence to other camps. We actively participate, as leaders, in industry-wide events, trainings, communication, and philanthropy. The growth of CampGroup increases the positive impact of the camp industry by providing a greater number of people with the best possible camp experiences.

4 New King Street, White Plains, New York, 10604



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