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Braeside Health Camp

640 E Main St, Middletown, New York, 10940

In Person Camp


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Braeside Camp, located in Orange County New York, is a not for profit organization organization who prides itself on creating a culture of caring and nurturance where kids can feel safe and comfortable with one another. We promote the philosophy of unconditional positive regard and direct our staff each day to catch children who reflect the Braeside Bees (Bee Respectful, Bee Responsible, Bee Kind) These kids are called upon and praised each day during meal times. Our 4 core programs are swim instruction, nature/environmental education, Arts and Crafts and cooperative games and sports. We have instituted a gardening program as a way to provide valuable education lessons in nutrition to our children who have a very limited dietary and nutritional skillset. With a collaboration with Cornell Cooperative and Master Gardeners programs volunteers are open to coming in every Tuesday to assist in the integration of fresh grown foods to our daily lives. In 2019, Braeside initiated Faith's Kind Paw in partnership with Ruby & Friends. Faith's Kind Paw Camp is a fun humane character educational based program specifically designed to teach campers about proper care, dog bite prevention, age appropriate animal issues and kindness for all living things. Through hands on activities and discussions the campers explore responsible decision-making and develop empathy, self-confidence, awareness of self empowerment and community.

640 E Main St, Middletown, New York, 10940



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